miles apart 

Are we fools?

Should we be together? Should I beg you to be here? Should I promise forever?Or should we listen to logic and reason and fear?

When I casually tell people about you and
they instantly realize how much I love
you it makes me wonder.

It makes me love you more.
And makes me want to run away.

I’m afraid of hurting…both you and me. So my mind says to run…and my heart says to never break again…while my soul says “I am yours”.

My body wants to be inside yours. But my world is a complex disaster.
I want to grab your hand and run through fields like children in the sun.
To catch fireflies together, when nightfall comes. To hold you close and wipe tears from your face as my eyes weep on their own…

Are these just dreams of the young? Has this world hardened us? Have we experienced to much pain to ever trust again?

I ask as though I am risking anything, when it’s you who has everything on the line; and I will not apologize for loving you.

But I am sorry.
I loved another first. And she has my children.
Which leaves us miles apart.

miles apart 


I dream about you on the beach. Laying back and relaxing in the sun. Life has become life for you and I. It’s just another day at the beach. But then I glance at you (and so much time has past I’ve forgotten) but you glance back and suddenly nothing will keep me from holding you.

And I don’t care what our children will think, as I roll you into the sand. And you are so tired of this. “Every time we come to the beach you just won’t leave me alone.”
But glances are what started our love and glances on the beach are what propelled our love and I don’t care!

I’ll run my sandy fingers through your sandy hair. And I’ll tell you how I’ve loved you since the day we first met.

No one else will matter. Nothing else remains. It’s just you and it’s just me and together we are perfectly in love.

And our children love us the same.



Depravity doesn’t come in half doses
It isn’t a partial rose
in bloom while withering
It isn’t a flower at all

Depravity lacks
In full. Completely.
A garden of dirt
No seeds. No growth.
It’s a soul deserving of love
Abandoned by breath
A heart without beating

I am deprived of you
Of your touch
Your lips on mine
Saying good morning or
Instead of saying goodbye

I want that to be our forever
To change the rules of life
To be deprived of loneliness
I’ve become accustom to

But life trumps love
And dictates every move
As you thrive 2,000 miles away
While I strive to make it through

And I do

Deprived of what I want
Despite having all I need
That’s right I don’t
but I want more than ever
All I’m lacking




As the moon begins to rise
Behind hearts and clouds so grey
You are there
And I am with you

The moon is blind
So are we
Nothing will change
Being you, being me

So stupid
So crazy
So aware

Aware of how stupid and crazy and magical we are.
And we are.

You are my perfect
Not perfect
Yet perfect to me

And if I can share
Just once
Of all you have given
Then meaning returns

My broken soul
To have to hold to love…
And I cry
And you cry
And we cry

Because we
Broken together
Yet never apart

Prancing through puddles and heartbreak and life
We dance around the hurt
And when it’s time we face the storm

I will hold
And will be held
And this is all I need