I got a voucher

I boarded the plane with a child
in my seat so I offer to exchange
window for middle
I’m a father myself, you know.

What do I care? It’s 2 hours to LAX
the attendant offers me the isle at 23c

but it’s closer to my boss and
i want a triple vodka and no worries as
that’s the best for drinking
too much, with out care

they say it’s suicidal to drink yourself to death
but i’m dying anyway

someday I’ll kick this habit
someday I’ll acknowledge my reality
and will never deny myself a drink again

for now though I’ll squeeze in
tucked between two strangers waiting
until my drunk arrives.

It’s just a carpet convention after all.

I got a voucher


Every day has a shadow following right behind you.
Even on cloudy days the shadow remains, unseen, but present.
Always present.

Every day has a sun beaming down and sending love.
Even on cloudy days the sun remains, unseen but present.
Always present.

You cannot run from your shadow, especially in the sun,
and hiding from truth only brings more pain.
Embrace your shadow as you lay in the light
and let beams of brightness shine.

Every day has a shadow and today you are the sun.