i sense a distance growing between us
as the waves of childish passion recede
we are still standing on the shore
and healing

it feels appropriate to move to the side
giving each other space
to grow. hurt. heal.

and the great things about waves
they always return
and we will still be standing
healthier. peaceful.

alone or together. in strength


Perfectly Distracted 

If I could, a magic wand would wave
And life would be just as we imagined
Tiny feet running carelessly through the yard.
With laughter the bonfires rage.

Little giggles, by an innocent child.

And you. Always you. Grasping hold of youth and love and child. Your child.

You opened (and we met)  you close (I never left). And we shared. And now we share. Magic. Moments. Connections. Comfort.

So much love for a friend. My friend. This wand has saved us all. And grandparents smile as we speak in tongues. Words meaning nothing and everything to all.

And I. I hold you. In my soul and in my life. And without a touch we are.

Perfectly distracted.

Because I can choose and I choose you. And this wand waves magic. For you. And C. And child. And me.

This is where the tears fall.

Perfectly Distracted