Coffee with K

You didn’t know we were hurting
But I would always protect you
Naive and blind and deaf and dumb

and suddenly separate
I guess I thought I could protect you but

I send you

Into this storm
So cold

I am afraid
I thought I was there to hold you
I believed our love would save
But we are on our own now
And we are on our own.

And you are here to protect me
To teach me how to live
To clean up all the messes
Of what I couldn’t give

Smiles and laughter and encouragement
My little sweet girl calls
And I pretend to guard her
While she builds walls

For her or me or T?

Please not her precious soul
A weight I cannot bear
To place brick on brick on brick
When innocence is still there

Life is a hurdle
When walls are small
Life is a battle
When they need to fall

And I can’t protect you
When I am to blame
And you are too young
to feel all this.


So I keep on stacking
And she keeps on stacking
And we are pretending
all this building is fine


We grab some coffee
and listen to Ben
and he tells us our future

on repeat again and again and again

“And she’s alone and I’m alone and now I know it”

Coffee with K