Forever Friends

Love at first sight? Please. Let me tell you what the best first sight is…laughing together at first sight. Sharing stories like you are childhood friends that grew up down the block from each other. Feeling connected as though your parents took you to the same school, the same church, the same life. That’s a first sight worth holding on to.

And you’ll know it has happened when despite how attractive your new friend may be, you don’t care if you ever sleep together. Because what’s important is the new connection and the possibility of a life long friend. And truly, not the possibility of…the reality that is. Friends. Forever. Just like Michael W Smith sang…and just like you both know every word. Friends are friends forever…

*Sidebar: MWS wants to put a few restrictions on forever friends, requiring the Lord to be the Lord of them. But I don’t think he’s ever had a friend at first sight…perhaps Amy Grant, or that girl that wasn’t his wife in the secular music video he made about love that almost got him banned from our household. No…I don’t think he knows what I’m talking about…*

And he isn’t wrong. He’s right…just like so many other musical artists that can tap into a single moment, put music and poetry together, and make your heart sing…just like your forever friend does the moment that you meet.

Everything else is just a bonus.

Forever Friends