I dream about you on the beach. Laying back and relaxing in the sun. Life has become life for you and I. It’s just another day at the beach. But then I glance at you (and so much time has past I’ve forgotten) but you glance back and suddenly nothing will keep me from holding you.

And I don’t care what our children will think, as I roll you into the sand. And you are so tired of this. “Every time we come to the beach you just won’t leave me alone.”
But glances are what started our love and glances on the beach are what propelled our love and I don’t care!

I’ll run my sandy fingers through your sandy hair. And I’ll tell you how I’ve loved you since the day we first met.

No one else will matter. Nothing else remains. It’s just you and it’s just me and together we are perfectly in love.

And our children love us the same.


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