I think

I think…

It’s ok for you to love me and also love him
It’s ok for you to want to be with me and still miss…
It’s ok for you to look forward to seeing me and still feel guilty about how things are ending
It’s ok for you to be sure that we are in love and still question if you could make things work with…him…

Because we can’t replace what once was.
And we shouldn’t try. But we can love each other,
And you amaze me with your strength, your tenderness, your life.
You are amazing and I love being your best friend.
So much.
I love you and I am in love with you. And I love that you also love me.


I think

Monogamous Best Friends
Commitment at its finest
Because labels don’t mean anything anyway
And best friends mean everything
(and before you correct my accuracy…
it’s a commitment and not a label)

That’s how I see it, anyway


Life goes 

(He wrote)
Every new thing
Is the most painful thing
Then it becomes old
And life goes on

(And truthfully)
life goes
full of pain
full of most everything
she wants me and she wants him and she wants
what do I want, and yeah…what do I want?

and her to be happy
and her to be happy with me

And what does he want?
and her to be happy with him…

I’d be lying to say I don’t hate it
I’d be lying to say I don’t care
about her
about us
about him
(without him)
but he matters too.

How many times do I have to ask “what’s right?”
knowing the answer isn’t answerable

She can love us both
She should
And I can love her and hate her feelings and

We should be in love with our best friends
And we are…and damn it.


Life goes 

She hides


She hides behind words
Self care. Boundaries.
Cowardly running away

Words that were designed
to let people hide
without responsibility

Let’s just be real
with others…perhaps
with ourselves…certainly

Sounds like a good boundary to me.

She hides