Saddle Up Your Horses

When you have nothing.
to write
to say
you feel everything
so much forever

When kisses goodbye aren’t
and the best kisses are
saved for last
which is yet to come

When travel prayers with group hugs
bring you home
because home is here
with my mom or yours
prayer is a second language

When 90’s Christian trumps
Miss Katie’s jams
and praise happens to flow from the soul
Our souls

When love makes you smile
as she argues back
does “my” = ownership
not in this case, my love.

That’s when you know.

When your soul is at peace.
after the butterflies
and so many miles

When you say goodbye
and you know
she knows
all that remains is time

When you feel it in her smile
goosebumps on her skin
it wasn’t about highs
so we fear not
the lows

Walking out of the fireplace
right into the fire
which is exactly where she’ll meet you
and right where you are meant to be

So saddle up our horses
let’s blaze the trail

I belong with you
this is how i know
I belong to you
and your heart is mine

Saddle Up Your Horses

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