So much you

Love in the past has felt needy. Insecure. Afraid. The more I loved the more I needed. The more I feared. But you. Always you. You have taken my broken heart and covered it with compassion. You have shared yourself and allowed me to share. Equally. Uninhibited.  And you. Always you. You are free. To love, to leave, to hold, to hide, to be. And I want only to share you with your needs, to fill your heart as you fill mine. And together we love and share love and know that expectations only dampen our ability to experience each other. 
True love is often whispered about as though it is found only in dreams. But who’s love is true? A love that is hidden? A love that is obnoxious? Or simply a love that is?
We. Are. 
And tomorrow we may not. But forever is a long time and forever I will love you. 
You. Always you. So much you. 

So much you

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