I love you

I love you. And you know that. And I also know that you know exactly what I mean when I say “I love you”…it means I love you and will always love you and that our love is not and will not be conventional nor should it ever be.

Those three words have haunted humanity for far too long. We hesitate speaking them for fear that the love is not returned. But people have no idea what love is. They think it’s sex, or marriage, or commitment. They think it is an exclusive phrase that if not returned can only mean rejection.

But love is far more about compassion than anything else. And the more we open our hearts to love others the more our hearts will be. Full. Complete. Comforted.

Society restricts our use of these words, they suggest we should rarely say them and save each letter for those who we “really love”. But that isn’t love and that isn’t what we need. Love can be a late night cuddle with a close friend  or someone calling you out on your shit or a deep connection with someone you barely know and yet know completely.

Love is. And should be. And I love you.

I love you

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